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Welcome to Millennium Art Glass

Thank you for visiting our web site! There are more than fifty pages of images, information, FAQ's and stained glass industry links to a large group of artists and resources. As this website continues to be developed, please feel free to look around. Please also feel free to email me with any questions or suggestions. There are about 50 pages of information on the site at this time, and it will be growing in 2009. The goals I have in mind for this site are several:

The First, is to serve as a display of the stained, painted and other glass art I work with as an artist, designer and glass painter. I will be posting an ongoing journal of my work, with tips and techniques for other artists to refer to. I will also be adding other media as I find time, such as soap-stone carving, wood work, statuary and other similar branches of three-D glass craft.

Secondly, it will be a resource for finding glass and information about working in glass, for other artists. The plan is to departmentalize the various aspects of glass work, whether cold glass, warm glass or hot glass, which can help you find the kinds of information, materials and supplies you may be seeking. I will also provide links to other artists as a cooperative venture to benefit everyone.

Finally, in time, there will be a private and secure Commissions Area, for clients and customers to use to inquire about custom work, painting, church installations and other services. This area will also include a library of designs and design ideas for custom fabrications, and can be a place where projects can be viewed, approved, changed, discussed, etc.

IN THE MEANTIME: Here are a series of links to my work and history, fuilled with images and information! Thanks for visiting!

A Brief History
Shannon's Mermaids
Airbrush Training with Raphael Schnepf
Glass Painting and Diana - The Huntress
Glass Painting -- Continued
Shop Storage / Color List
The Uroboros logo
Tahoe-Donner and Fly Fishing
Minnehaha - The Pride of the West
More Airbrush Training with Raphael
Elegance -- By Mary Golay
Church Glass -- Holy Stained Glass
Studying Glass Painting with Peter McGrain
MORE Airbrush Training with Raphael Schnepf
Notes on Vitri-Fusaille® glass work
Reverse Painting on Church jobs
Mandy and the Garden of Love
Tropicana Verde and Bali Girl
Some Further Portraits
L'Amour et Psyche' (Cupid and Psyche)
Rishell at the Breitenbush Hotsprings


The Feminine Form in Art -- How I view Classical feminine beauty in art and some other points of view on that subject

Customer Testimonials - -Kind words customers and clients have to say about my work

Boudoir Painting on glass - -Specialty painting on glass for private commissions

Wanted: Your Old Glass. -- We want your old glass and glassworking materials and tools


Gallery 1

Gallery 2


Thank you for your interest in Millennium Art Glass Company, the private studio of Pat Jacobsen. which is also connected with a group of artists and craftsmen who are highly skilled in myriad aspects of stained glass and architectural styles and techniques, offering design and production services tailored to meet the needs of my clients. Our production skills include work in leaded, foiled, slumped, fused, painted, beveled, sand-carved, mosaic and other forms of glass-working techniques. We utilize both traditional and modern techniques and new approaches to glass design. We also repair, rebuild and augment both damaged installations, and installations requiring modernization or expansion. All of our work displays attention to detail, art, craft and science, and expresses a level of work and craftmanship that benifits modern art glass production work. Our productions are compatible with stained and fused glass work, repairs and design of panels, lampshades, and architectural installations, including church-window repairs, custom designs, cabinet facings, doorway, bathroom windows, side-lights, door-lights and transom lites, and many other residential and commercial applications. We don't sacrifice quality and craftsmenship in our efforts and work closely with our clients to produce art-works that exceed their expectations. We utilize glass products from several preferred glass manufacturing companies in America and overseas in our designs and have an extensive pallat of sheet glass options available to our client's projects and ideas. Beyond our in-house skills, we maintain close working relationships with numerous skilled craftsmen who specialize in wood-working and steel fabrication and other methodoligy. This means we can handle any form of production from inception and design through production and installation. Collectively, there are hundreds of years of experience shared by thes folks, and high levels of skill in every aspect of the stained glass, warm-glass, and hot-glass media. If your project is out of my realm, I will help you find an expert who can help you!

I am aware of customers' diverse interests and desires, and have avoided any one particular style, although in my non-production work hours, I like to explore the types of designs pictured throughout my site. My goal is to provide you, the artistic solutions that are unique to your desires and circumstances. So as you consider the work to be done, please call if there is anything I can do to help. I will be delighted to discuss your plans and how we might crete the vision you have.

TABLE OF LINKS: Soon, there will be links to pages in this site that feature many of the following topics and more:


Three-D designs



Archeitectural glass

Referral services to other artists and distributors


Forums and links -- where to learn more

Booklist of recommend reading

patterns for the public

pattern books for sale

referrence center (articles about aspects of glass working) painting, airbrush, lead, safety, tools, getting started,

digital design and image services



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