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One day, I received the following email: "Pat, You saved my glass work a couple of weeks ago. I've been working and reading on the subject of painted glass for several years now. I did my first piece of comissioned work just recently. My client requested black patina. It did alright on the blk trace and blk mattes on the front. But the back had the Ruesche transparent enamels! Fortunately not every back piece had paint on it. I got down to putting patina around a small area and noticed immediately that something wasn't right. It looked like a watercolor effect was starting. I went to my computer and found you! Man you saved me a lot of trouble. I was heart broken for your disaster and could feel your pain. I quickly washed my glass with water and baking soda to stop the acid attack. I went over all my notes etc. You are absolutely right. No where in anything that I had read or watched or heard from other glass painters was I warned to stay away from the patinas! Thank you so much for posting! I can not express the panic I was in but I know that you know exactly what I was going through! Thank you, Thank you, Thank you! I've attached a pic of my finished window. I was glad to see you were able to save your mermaids! Great job!

Best regards, Martha "

She is referring to the explanation I gave on the bottom of my web page art-glass2.html about my twin mermaid horror story.
I am SO glad this helped someone! You can see Martha's beautiful work at:


Saint Marks United Methodist Church
2391 Saint Marks Way, Sacramento

This summer, I received a commission from a local glass shop, to paint Jesus's face, hands and feet, featuring the stigmata, for a local church, and to paint Mary with the baby. They were making a series of windows for a local church, and needed some painting done. It was my first such commission, and I used airbrush and dry-brushing techniques on sandblasted glass given to me by the shop. Here are before and after pictures of the pieces and the finished installations. ( I will add images as I get them, and as the installations progress.) It seems the church liked the images, and now wants several others. These pieces are palm-size, Mary's face is about 4" tall and Jesus in about 6" tall.

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