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Here are a number of images of window panels I have created over the past few years, and the retail values of each. This should give a fair idea of what I charge for general pieces.

The Whim: 15x15" -- $445.00


DDeepwater 24x30 $1,285


Delight : 21x36" $875


Sheharazade 22x25" $1,450.


Shannon's Mermaid 15x22 (with painting) 1,450.


Diana - The Huntress (painted and plated, with 3-D piece and drapery glass) 17x23" $1,150.


Minehaha - The Pride of the West (rare and custom glass, agates, painting) 23x26" $1.750.


Cindi's portrait (airbrush portrait on clear glass) (plated with white) (apx 10x14) $525


Tropical Girl, Vitri-Fusaille® fused and painted, 87x8" $600.

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