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*If you really want to use one of the images on my site, why not try asking me, first!?

On the Internet and Web, it is easy for people to steal images, content, text, design elements, meta tags and ANY PART of the html code. As the lawyers and lawmakers make out the details of Net infringement law, we have to wait. However, copyrighted material is still owned by someone. If you steal it, and re-use it without permission, you are subject to legal action and the claimant subject to legal remedy.

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There are plenty of glass-project designs out there for you folks who are looking. I would strongly urge you to avoid trying to abuse the images on this site. In court, you will have to produce your own original copy/lart-work with the image on it, and your date of creation. If you can't produce your own original, you may be found liable for damages and infringement according to the damage scales of current copyright law. Better just to ask me. I may not charge you and be happy to let you use it. Just ASK first! I am usually very agreeable.

At the same time, if any images are found on this site, which are owned by persons other than me, and I am accidentally infringing without knowing it, please let me know and I will be happy to work something out with you, or remove them from my site. I have no interest in infringing upon anyones copyrighted materials. I always try to give credit where credit is due, and do not want to step on any toes.

If you are interested in using Patco images, visit our Digital Trading Company, and read the licensing agreement. Then you may contact me and we can discuss the possibilities. That would be far preferable to risking legal entanglements by pirating this site's content and/or images, wouldn't it. Thanks. I am easy to find, happy to work with anyone, and not trying to limit imagery. Just ASK first. Thanks! -- Pat


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