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Here are some kind words I have received in the past about my glass work:

"Pat, I recently visited your sites again, and saw my painting. Wish you could see my grin now! Love what you've done from my photo -- it's absolutely the best! -- Then once it arrived, what was a grin is now a beam. I'm overwhelmed. You made me look so good. I love the skin tones and texture and wish I always felt as happy as I look in your work. Having a hard time deciding where to hang it. I like having it in my office, because it always makes me smile -- the expression, the essence you captured, knowing all you put into it, seeing all you put into it, gets more special all the time. You have a remarkable talent, Pat. Looks like you've found your next niche! Could you use an assistant? Thank you! Thank you! Thank you! " -- Louise

"Hi Pat, I went to your website and pressed the link to your newest photos. Your work is gorgeous, and I hope you'll put more photos up soon. I'm especially anxious to see your windows for the church. I love the beautiful stained glass rose you made me for Christmas a couple years ago, which hangs in my front window and receives praise from all my visitors. I was touched by your thoughtfulness and impressed with your skills. Your glass art is finely crafted, with great attention to detail. You are a true artist! I hope to have other pieces of your work in the future." -- Cynthia Rose


"Hello Pat. We received your wonderful window, which arrived in perfect condition. It is proudly hanging in our office right now, so thanks so much for the thought and effort on our behalf. We appreciate it. And, we appreciate the careful putting together of the information sheet about our background at Uroboros, it looks like you've done some real research there. Again, good work and well done and thank you very much." -- Eric Lovell

"Pat, thank you for the beautiful glass portrait. I truly do love it! You did such a wonderful job - you are very talented. The people that have seen it have also loved it and said it was very accurate. I am so impressed with your progress. I admire your dedication. When you learn something, you go at it 150%. Not too many people do that. Thank you very much!!" -- Cindi

"How lucky can I be? I have a wonderful Pat Jacobsen original stained glass piece of my favorite dog breed, the Airedale. You have caught the majesty and artistocratic look of the Airedales perfectly, and your piece proudly sits in my living room window catching the afternoon and evening sun filtering in through its perfect shades of brown and tan. An exceptional piece! I love it, as do just about all my visitors and friends! Everyone comments on it." -- Sue

"I will send you photos as soon as I get them printed up. I was just amazed at how beautiful they turned out. I hope you will be pleased as well. Your artwork is so lovely. I really appreciate your page expalaining your love of nudes. Few people understand ME...why I enjoy nudity so much. I feel like you do, that the human body is just beautiful. I'm glad I can help you to immortalize some female nude beauty!" -- Rishell


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