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Pat was born in Oakland, California and grew up in the Lafayette, Walnut Creek ,East Bay region near San Francisco. Art has always been one of his strongest passions from his youth as a poster collector, to his years in music, art-history, the produce business, computers, publishing and now painted and stained glass. Pat is also an internationally recognized author and art historian.

Pat has travelled across the U.S and Canada, and photographed and studied art in 11 European countries, Australia and elsewhere, including Paris and San Francisco.

His current and primary goal these days, is to create glamerous, romantic, engraciating and even "erotic" boudoir stained glass art, by devining and painting in the classical tradition, beautiful, tasteful and lasting images that his customers will treasure for a lifetime. He is committed to making you look wonderful in the timeless medium of stained and painted glass.


Thomas P. "Pat" Jacobsen is an historian and jazz musician, who began collecting labels and other agricultural advertising in August 1978, and has worked continuously toward the preservation of that unique art-form ever since. He has travelled extensively along the Pacific Coast of America and throughout The West in search of labels, artifacts and information on all aspects of agricultural advertising and the western printing industry. During his early years, he was also a manager of a record store, health food outlet, produce store, and manager trainee for several chain grocery and building supply outlets.

His travels have taken him as far as Spain, Italy, throughout western Europe, The Netherlands, Tasmania, Australia, across Canada and throughout Washington, Oregon, California, Idaho, Florida and many American states seeking labels and the history of their use worldwide, and has built the largest collection of such labels currently known. He has spent nearly thirty years researching each agricultural region along the Pacific Coast from Salmon Arm, British Columbia to Arizona, collecting fruit and vegetable crate labels, can labels and agricultural advertising posters and and other cultural artifacts, and carefully recording the histories of their use. He has developed networks of thousands of collectors and interested institutions around the world and put what he has learned into exhibits, lectures, slide-shows, state and county fairs, over 100 magazine and newspaper articles (including EBAY Magazine -- July 2000), numerous books, seven television documentaries and public t.v. projects, videos, CD-ROMs and other presentations (including his 100+ page Web site

He has appeared on local and national television and radio programs, including the CBS weekend news and the Martha Stewart Show, and has consulted on a numerous documentary and Hollywood film productions. His labels appear in Paramount's "Odd Couple II" the movie. Pat has also been an avid seller and buyer on ebay for years and offers outstanding rarities to collectors. He has also documented in detail the histories of more than 60 Pacific Coast and western American printing and lithographic firms, hundreds of produce exporters and shippers, packing associations, marketing organizations and independent growers. He also spent many years researching the history of San Francisco's numerous lithographic companies, seeking retirees and artists who created the labels, with a special interest in the West's largest lithographer, Schmidt Lithograph Company. An historian and preservationist first, and label salesman second, he has been developing his collections, a legacy he intends to leave to posterity in one or more historical institutions. Pat received his historical training at Diablo Valley College and "on the road," and is a recognized authority in his subjects by leading historians nation-wide.

A thirty-year professional concert musician by trade, he is a lead vocalist, bassist, band leader and producer with forty years of experience, several CDs under his belt, and is co-founder of, an Internet music company and Patco Records. Pat appears on numerous records, CDs and videos. Pat has spent his non-performing hours tracking labels in "the wild." For info on Pat's recent musical group "Objects in the Mirror <click.>.

Pat's stainglass interests began in December of 2000, when he began researching the medium with the thought in mind of perhaps working in glass. However, by January 2005, he had "gone off the deep end" and the rest is his-story, as they say. This site is all about what happened next. Thank you for visiting!!!!! (Pat)

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It's located in Northern California, above Sacramento, near Auburn. And, unfortunately the shop and studios are not accessible to the public, as we have no storefront location, and are not set up to accept visitors, we can be reached several ways.

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